If you thought plonk was just cheap table wine, generic vinegar picked up at your local corner shop, then prepare to have your mind blown.

Plonk wine aims to elevate your idea of drinkable wine from generic, mass-produced booze to something that will truly make your taste buds sing. Our version of Plonk revolves around quality and value for money. We focus on small batch, limited and hard to find wines.

So, welcome to our unique wine platform.

Browse our collection of premium, small-batch wines/spirits/beers. We take pride in the fact there’s a high chance you won’t find anything you recognise here. Because that’s not who we are.

At Plonk we champion the
small producers

Plonk Wine Co champions the small producers, the vintners who put their love and dedication directly into what you’re drinking, making something so spectacular you’ll wonder why you ever gave your hard-earned cash to the soulless corporations.

Also, with our focus firmly on working with small-batch wine producers means we can fly the flag for sustainability, and who doesn’t want to save the planet? We are fiercely proud to be an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable business.

Plonk goes straight to the winemakers themselves, forging relationships directly.
When you buy small batch wine through us you’re getting access to the wine you can’t find anywhere else.

What do you get out of buying our plonk?

Besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re quaffing superior wine, you’re also privy to the sort of stuff that consumers rarely get access to.


If you find the whole wine thing confusing (don’t worry, we all do) we’ve taken the time to demystify it for you. Wine shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve made it our mission to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

In fact, we’ve decided to categorise the wines by style rather than region or varietal, because let’s face it, what do you care where the grapes are grown? You just want to know when you should drink it and how you should drink it – and maybe learn something along the way about decanting time or perhaps about the vineyard the wine originated in.

But that’s secondary.

What’s most important to us (and hopefully you) is you have a bloody great wine-drinking experience.