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Be a Thinker, Not a Drinker – 5 Pack


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Our be a thinker, not a drinker mixed pack is ideal for those wishing to have an alcohol-free month. Not all tasty things have to have alcohol in them after all!

Each Be a Thinker, not a Drinker pack contains a bottle of Feragaia, Alcohol-Free Spirit, a bottle of a couple of tonics from Folkingtons (these are classic in style, and delicious!) + some beers from LOAH.  LOAH beer stands lightly at just: 0.5% alcohol, and it’s only 39 calories, it’s also gluten-free and really low sugar. It’s out there. It’s different, and for you to get your hands all over. LOAH beer is super refreshing, crisp and clean. Naturally brewed to 0.5% with a squeeze of lime. Kick back and drink it all in… 

Folkingtons is sourced from local (UK) habitats, to gain that consistent flavour profile. None of their core ingredients is ever over-processed, they are simply pressed, squeezed and distilled soon after they have been picked.

Grab your Be a Thinker, Not a Drinker 5 pack today, you won’t regret it! You can always top-up on tonics here too!

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