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Domaine Jean-François Ganevat, Chardonnay Florine 2016


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Alcohol %

12% Vol




Domaine Jean-François Ganevat






Eco-friendly, Low Intervention

Optimal decanting time

30 minutes


75 cl


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeats in tronconic vats.

Cuvée Florine Jean-François Ganevat is one of the most iconic whites out of the Jura, this wine didn’t just make Jean-François famous, it also made the region well-known. The kind of Chardonnay is super Limited in quantity, so be quick!

Jean-François Ganevat creates some incredible cuvées, ranging between thirty-five and forty every year, however, these are nearly impossible to the source!

His methodology goes far beyond the details of the average vigneron. For some, his process would be maddening, as each cuvée calls for a highly individualized élévage. Jean-François is committed to minute doses of sulfur, so low in fact, that many fear it hurting the wines during transport. He curbs this issue entirely by ageing many of his whites on the lees for extended periods of time, anywhere from two to eleven years! In all of his years making wine, he has never had a problem.  In the Jura, many of the wines go through traditional, intentional oxidation; however, Jean-François aims to lend a greater lightness and elegance to wines of this style than are typical. He gravitates toward the Burgundian style, using ouillage to top off barrels.

Ganevat is a master of his craft, one of the true magicians of the low-intervention wine world. To say that his grapes are spun into gold would not be far from the truth; his wines are entirely otherworldly. Hand-harvested off of organic vines with natural yeast for fermentation. No fining or filtration, minimal sulfites. Decant to open it up. Limited quantity here, so is quick!

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