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LOAH Beer Co, Low Alcohol Lager with Lime 330ml


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Alcohol %

0.5 % Vol






Fresh and Crisp

LOAH Beer Co was created by a friend of Plonk Wine Co; Hugo Tapp, we met in the wine trade a long while back, and have conveniently kept friends since, this new partnership with Hugo and his low alcohol brand LOAH Beer Co is one that really excites us.

During lockdown, I experienced firsthand how alcohol can affect our physical and mental health. So, I cut the weeknight beers and it really helped. I felt less anxious, more connected, and way more creative. I used this creative energy to pursue something I’d always wanted to do: brew a brilliant low-alcohol beer. There was just one catch – I didn’t really know how to.” Hugo Tapp – Founder

LOAH beer stands lightly at just: 0.5% alcohol, and it’s only 39 calories, it’s also gluten-free and really low sugar. It’s out there. It’s different, and for you to get your hands all over.

LOAH beer is super refreshing, crisp and clean. Naturally brewed to 0.5% with a squeeze of lime. Kick back and drink it all in…

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