Pizzini Sangiovese 2009


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Alcohol %

13.8 % Vol


Pizzini Wines




King Valley




75 cl

Wine Type



Big and spicy

Optimal decanting time

1 hour

Pizzini Sangiovese 2009, a back vintage from Pizzini exclusive to Plonk. 12 bottles made it over on the recent shipment and is a prime example of a wine that has been perfectly cellared for you. The Pizzini family moved to Australia sometime after WWII and started growing grapes in the late ’70s. 1990 marked the first vintage under their own label, Pizzini Wines.  Nebbiolo was the first, paying homage to their Italian roots. Therefore becoming specialists in Italian varietals in Australia. They continue to set the benchmark for quality and value for money, one of many reasons why we love them.

Nebbiolo wasn’t the only Italian red variety, however, with Sangiovese becoming just as important. The Pizzini Sangiovese 2009 showcases how well Australia produces this variety. For instance, the extended bottle age has added so much complexity while rounding out the tannin. The flavours are delicate but pure with a long scented length. Above all though, this wine is punches so far above its weight. What’s more, is that if you can also try the more recent Sangiovese from Pizzini here.


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