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Victory Vodka, 70cl


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Victory London

The cutting-edge technology victory use on their Vodka helps to conserve energy, reduce water waste and guarantee consistently delicious products.

Victory London Distillery is run by husband and wife team, Max and Máire Chater. Both are from Hospitality backgrounds and determined to make products that are great to mix, drink and enjoy. The Victory team endeavour to keep sustainability at the forefront of what they do, which sits perfectly with the Plonk ethos.

Victory Vodka is made using a previously unexplored botanical; unroasted, green coffee. They partnered with Rob Dunne, director of coffee at Old Spike Roastery & co-founder of Dunnefrankowski Creative Coffee Consultancy. Rob ethically sourced seasonal, green coffee beans. Victory cold-distil this highly aromatic and volatile raw ingredient at 45°C to extract the light, savoury, and almost vegetal aromatics of this unique botanical. This Vodka is something new, an expression of coffee’s most natural essence.

“This is not a coffee flavoured product. Enjoy our Vodka. Take Victory” – Victory London

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