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We’ve just introduced Fast checkout, to make your experience buying wines easier!

21 March 2021

Introducing Fast checkout!

Fast makes it fast, easy and safe to login, signup and pay online. With 1-click login and 1-click checkout, this makes buying wines much easier!

With one button, Fast is hoping to change the way people buy online. “Every consumer, every seller, every platform, every device, every card.”

The first time you click on the Fast Checkout button, you’ll be asked to type in basic buying details. Name, address, credit card information. Checkout will feel fairly normal, that first time. Every time after that as long as the user is on the same device, checking out takes exactly one click. When you click or tap on Fast Checkout, it shares those previously-stored details with us, runs through the purchasing process and finishes automatically.

By combining login and checkout, Fast becomes a powerful tool in online shopping. It can show all of a user’s purchases from all over the web, track their deliveries, simplify reordering and returns, and more. Users can see all that stuff in the Fast app.

Why don’t you test it, and buy a bottle of D.O Arlanza today?

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