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Carinena La Mancha Exploration – 2 Pack


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Carinena La Mancha Exploration was the first mixed case on the site! Here we are spotlighting Maro in this exploration mixed case. We’ve discounted this Exploratory case to celebrate the first mixed case offering.

Maro Carinena Tinto 2018 crafted at Bodegas Anadas however it’s blended and put together by Moflo Wines and Spaniche Wines. The aim of Maro is to promote Carinena the region. Maro Carinena Tinto is one of the first wines to bear the name of the region. As a result, the label had to express the village subsequently the picture is a cartoon expression of the village of Carignan. The Carinena DO was established in 1932, not long after Rioja actually. It’s located in the province of Zaragoza and Carinena itself is home to some really old vines. Maro Carinena Tinto is hugely aromatic with ripe blackcurrant, cherries and blackberries. Juicy and textured palate with soft tannin and a scented length. Well integrated with the same fruit clusters on the palate. Totally smashable. Serve at cellar temperature, around 18 degrees for max enjoyment.

Maro El Rosado 2019 is the second wine from Moflo Wines and Spaniche Wines. Made to promote sub-regions around the world. For El Rosado, we look at La Mancha, Spain. Situated on a plateau that’s 600m above sea level, the sub-region is dry but fertile. Highly continental with hot summers but cold winters. Great diurnal range with warm days and cold nights, this helps retain natural acidity. Fresh and fragrant strawberries, berries and cherries. Bone dry and crisp and totally smashable. The emphasis here is on pristine fruit and a fresh palate. It’s low alcohol and light body makes it totally smashable! Perfect with pizza or pasta. If you feel like checking out the rest of the range, click here to learn more.

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