Join Plonk Wine Co for an exclusive, unforgettable, bespoke, corporate wine tasting event. What sets us apart from the competition? Well, it’s simple. No one else offers the kind of wines that we do. 

Yeah, yeah, they all say that, but seriously, we actually do. It’s what gives us our point of difference. 

The wines Plonk retail aren’t your run of the mill, average joe type of vinegar. 

No, the wines you’ll find gracing our virtual shelves (and being served at your corporate wine tasting) are premium, small-batch wines that will make your tongue do a happy dance the minute the elixir hits your tastebuds. 

Plonk wine offers an incredibly impressive array of exceptional fine wine from small producers for you to impress, surprise and delight clients, colleagues, customers – whoever you’re out to shmooze. 

Plonk guarantees an extraordinarily good time is had by all at a corporate wine tasting, not least because our hosts are knowledgeable and charming, but because we actually know how to throw a (virtual) party and put everyone instantly at ease. 

Plonk Wine Corporate Wine Tasting

In fact, when you hold a corporate wine tasting in London with Plonk, you don’t have to do anything at all – once you’ve chosen us, your job is done. Simply hire us, choose your location then kick back and wait for the best corporate wine tasting you’ve ever been to, to begin. 

Plonk corporate wine tastings are tailored to your exact preferences and pitched at just the right level for you and your guests. Whether you’re all existing oenophiles looking to brush up on your wine knowledge, or you’re simply enthusiastic imbibers, we ensure your wine tasting in London goes off without a hitch and everyone leaves glowing (from the wine) and happy in their new-found knowledge. 

If you have corporate objectives you need to achieve, do let us know beforehand so we can ensure we meet them as you discover our small-batch wines. 

What to expect from a Plonk Wine corporate tasting

When you choose us to host your corporate tasting we guarantee a few things, namely a great time is had by all, but that isn’t the only reason you should drink with us. 

We ensure you learn about small-batch wines in a relaxed environment. From your first welcome drink to your final sip of wine, you and your guests will experience great hospitality while you improve your understanding of the wines you’re trying. 

By the end of the wine tasting, you will have a greater appreciation for the small producers we champion, as well as a preference for their small-batch wines, or at least a better idea of the different styles of wine they make.

The advantages of a Plonk wine tasting experience

  • Create an atmosphere of cohesiveness, despite your remote working, and boost your team’s morale.
  • Build and strengthen your client or colleague relationships (whoever you’re tasting the wine with).
  • Enjoy a shared passion or learn a new hobby and turn work colleagues into friends.

What is a virtual wine tasting?

Just because you’ve been confined to your front room for the last few months (almost the whole year), doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite hobby – wine tasting. 

Wine tasting isn’t an activity reserved solely for large groups of people, it’s something you and your work colleagues or business clients can partake in from the comfort of your own sofa. 

That’s right. 

Thanks to the prevalence of video conferencing options, if you and your team aren’t able to get together in person to enjoy a corporate wine tasting event, then you can all get together virtually and sip some of the best vinos not available on the common market, with a Plonk online corporate wine tasting. 

Whether you’re hosting a virtual tasting as a way to thank your long-suffering colleagues or as a gift to strengthen client relations, our fully bespoke corporate wine tasting event is wholly customisable to help you achieve your aims.

You might be wondering how the Virtual wine tasting’s work…?

  1. Secure a date and time by paying our hosting fee
  2. Choose a theme or let us create a bespoke tasting for you
  3. Add our optional cheese pairing
  4. We send you a GDPR compliant upload link for the addresses
  5. We deliver 3 bottles of wine (1/2 or full size) + optional cheese pairing directly to each household
  6. Pick your video conferencing weapon of choice. We have a wide selection to choose from – take your pick. Just make sure everyone knows how it works beforehand so you get maximum time learning about our small-batch wines and less time helping Derek from Accounts remember his password.
  7. We will host a memorable wine tasting experience for yourself and your team with live chats and Q&A’s

Each theme can include a mixture of sparkling, white, rose or red depending whatever you’d prefer. Some of the popular themes have been:

  • On-trend wine from around the world
  • 3 incredible wines from across the globe of the same grape variety
  • Old vs New World

Having a theme helps to bring the wines together, whether it’s tasting wines from the same producer or from the same region, a theme makes it easier to understand how all these small-batch wines fit in with one another. By the end of the tasting, you’ll hopefully all feel as if you’ve accomplished a goal (that isn’t just drinking wine).

We also offer cheese pairing boxes

Our cheese pairing box includes carefully selected x3 premium cheeses + crackers. These can be added on to any wine tasting experience for only £25 ex per household

For a quick and easy quote, please contact us today