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Join us for an exclusive, unforgettable, bespoke, virtual wine tasting event — tailored to impress, surprise and delight your clients, colleagues and customers. 

What sets us apart from the competition? Well, it’s simple. No one else offers the kind of wines that we do. 

We guarantee an extraordinary time will be had by all — not least because our hosts are knowledgeable and charming, but because we actually know how to throw a party and put everyone at ease. 

When you book a virtual wine tasting event, you don’t have to do anything at all. Once you’ve chosen us as your hosts, your job is done. 

We’ll tailor wine tastings to your exact preferences and pitch them at just the right level for you and your guests. We’ll bypass the snobbery and leave the red trousers at home.

Going virtual

To meet a post-coronavirus pandemic world and the rise of home-working, we’ve gone down the virtual wine tasting route.

You’ve been confined to four walls for what seems like an eternity, yet that doesn’t mean socialising over wine is out the window.

Wine tasting isn’t an activity reserved solely for large groups of people. It’s something you and your colleagues and clients can partake in from the comfort of your own home. A wine-sipping event is a perfect way to thank your colleagues, boost team morale, or give as a gift to strengthen client relations.

You might be wondering how virtual wine tasting works?

    1. Secure a date and time
    2. Choose a theme, or let us create a bespoke tasting for you
    3. We’ll send you a GDPR compliant upload link for the address’s
    4. We’ll deliver 3 (or more) bottles of wine (half or full size) plus an optional cheese and crackers pairing directly to each household
    5. Pick your video conferencing weapon of choice — we have a wide selection to choose from. 
    6. We’ll host a memorable wine tasting experience with questions and expert answers

Each theme can include a mixture of sparkling, white, rosé or red. Some of the popular choices are:

  • On-trend wine around the world
  • Three incredible wines from across the globe of the same grape variety
  • Pro tips on buying wine

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